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Managing and Creating CTF

Writing CTF challenges

Our team will deliver CTF challenges for your event and guarantee a sophisticated level for all the participants with realistic scenarios. We will also write educative challenges for your enterprise, so your employees can learn more about cybersecurity. Our team is composed of experts in the field and regular CTF players, so we guarantee a high technical level and the newest trends in the cybersecurity field.

Hosting online and onsite CTFs

Fword team will provide an infrastructure and platform for your CTF with a guaranteed 0 downtime and smooth experience. We will provide maintenance during the CTF and support for the participants. We can do custom platforms with personalized themes to go with your event.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Web/Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Having a publicly accessible website or mobile application will make you vulnerable to multiple threats, including confidential information, financial data, or other sensitive data theft and denial of service attacks. Our team will help you make sure that your application is secure.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

An infrastructure penetration test is a necessary test to know how well your cybersecurity architecture stands up to a simulated attack. You can employ the best security software solutions and organizational safeguards, but you will have to revise your strategy if it fails the test. Our team will test every possible attack vector and provide guidance on how to patch every vulnerability.

Malware Analysis

We will study or process o determining the functionality, origin, and potential impact of a given malware sample, and we will provide a detailed report containing all the above with measures to avoid future infection.

Source Code Review

Source code review is the best way to discover hidden, hard-to-find vulnerabilities within your application that regular blackbox tests usually miss.

Why Choose Us?

Our team is composed of highly trained individuals and experts in their area of specialization who will provide high-quality services using the latest technologies and security testing techniques.

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